Lupita Nyong’o by Mikael Jansson for Vogue

On her thought process when she won the Academy Award:

When her name was read out, the experience was, as she recalls, “very confusing, very numbing. I was just repeating my name in my head, so I didn’t know whether I had said my name or they had said my name! And then my little brother screamed, and time was suspended and it was just noise in my head.”

As Lupita gathered those voluminous silk georgette pleats of her custom Prada skirts, she remembers that all she could think was “Don’t fall on those stairs” because, as she drolly explains, “it’s not cute if you follow Jennifer Lawrence—it’s not cute if you’re the second one!”

“People are still filling me in on what happened after,” she adds. “My mother says I cried during the speech; I don’t believe her.”

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Lena Dunham on the sex in GIRLS:

“There was a sense that I and many women I knew had been led astray by Hollywood and television depictions of sexuality,” Dunham says. “Seeing somebody who looks like you having sex on television is a less comfortable experience than seeing somebody who looks like nobody you’ve ever met.” 

“I want people to feel bolstered and normalized by the sex that’s on the show.” 

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